Coral Ridge Christian Fellowship

The Coral Ridge Christian Fellowship exists to Endorse qualifed chaplaincy applicants, for effective military ministry and service.  The Fellowship is listed with the Armed Forces Chaplains Board, and Endorses chaplains for military and para-military services including firefighter chaplains, hospital chaplaincy personnel, corporate service ministry and law enforcement chaplains. 

Requirements to become a military chaplain include:




Master of Divinity degree

Bachelors degree

Three (3) specific letters of recommendation

Senior Chaplain interview

Validation of three years in ministry

Law Enforcement check



Coral Ridge Christian Fellowship is a Bible based entity, and one that accepts the Word of God as our guide text.  Therefore, we hold to the basic principle that all Scripture is without error. We adhere to the statement of Jesus Christ, "I am the way, the truth and the life..."  believing Jesus Christ to be God in the Flesh, the Son of God, and the only way to Heaven.  We believe too, that Christ is coming soon to Rapture His Church, and that in the time allowed us on Earth, Christians are to boldly proclaim Jesus Christ to all peoples. All perspective Unit Ministry Team persons need to agree with our mission statement, and with the concept of accountability.  Each Endorsement is valid for a three-year period of time, unless for some  reason, there is a accute need for withdrawing said Endorsement.  That concept applies too, to all ministers ordained by the Coral Ridge Christian Fellowship or by the Coral Ridge Baptist Church.  Ordination and Endorsement needs to be recertified every three years.  There is no charge for the process, but accountability is vital for long-range effective ministry..

For further information concerning  any area of chaplaincy Endorsment and service, please contact:


Coral Ridge Christian Fellowship

Office of Chaplaincy Endorsing

P.O. Box 16505

Jacksonville, Florida  32245

Tel: 904-485-7189







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